Holidays and snow storms are just another day for EMT’s and Paramedics

This is the season of holidays, celebrations, parties, gifts, and yes, even the occasional snowstorm. Here at “Ambler Ambulance”, our crews and staff celebrate in many of the ways you do with their families and loved ones. But in the midst of the parties and celebrations, our crews remain available – 24 hours a day. Being an EMT or Paramedic is not simply a job, it truly is a calling for the men and women who choose to provide care in the midst of a medical emergency. This calling means 12 hour work shifts, working weekends and overnights all year round. This schedule doesn’t change just because of a few holiday or snow flakes. Instead of lengthy Thanksgiving dinners, they schedule their meal and family time around when they need to be at the station. Instead of lazy winter mornings, they may need to open gifts another time. Instead of hours snuggled on the couch watching the snow drift down, they are at the ready, in case someone needs their help and care. As you celebrate your holiday traditions and stay warm inside – please keep those in mind who continue to serve, even during holidays and storms.

We wish you the very happiest and healthiest of holidays! And thank you to our dedicated crews.