Get to know your Paramedic

The people who choose a career in Emergency Medical Services are uniquely equipped to respond to emergencies and save lives, even as their role can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. Here at “Ambler Ambulance” we are blessed with some of the most caring, compassionate and professional EMT’s and Paramedics. 

Periodically, we’ll introduce you to some of our incredible life-savers. As you get to know them, you’ll likely notice themes – many of them are also veterans, firefighters or police. Responding to situations most people would avoid, protecting and helping is a big part of who they are. The communities they serve are blessed and lucky to be served by such talented and dedicated medical professionals.

I’d like to introduce you to Greg, who has been working at “Ambler Ambulance” since 2011, but has more than 30 years experience and has also met a rock’n’roll legend and President!

Read on to learn more about Greg.

Why did you become an EMT / Paramedic?

I enjoy helping people. Growing up in the 1970’s, I watched “Emergency” as a young child. Being a Firefighter Paramedic was something that I wanted to be when I grew up.

When did you become an EMT/ Paramedic?

I got my PA EMT-MAST certification in March of 1984. I enlisted in the US Navy during my senior year of high school, and served for 26 years as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. I obtained my PA and National Registry Paramedic certifications in August of 2005.

What are 2 things you wish people knew about EMT / Paramedics? 

We’re not just “ambulance drivers” anymore. We actually treat people on the way to the hospital.

We’re educated medical professionals who function as physician extenders on the streets and in their homes when summoned for an emergency.

What do you do when you’re not working on the ambulance?

I volunteer as a Firefighter with my local fire company. I enjoy spending time with my wife and family, reading, riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle, as well as continuing my professional education.

Is there anything cool about you we should know? 

I had the pleasure of serving aboard USS New Jersey (BB-62) from 02 Oct 88 to 27 Dec 90 as a Hospital Corpsman. I got to meet Mick Jagger in Sydney, Australia in 1988, and Vice President George H.W. Bush in Pearl Harbor, HI in 1990. I’m also a Gulf War Combat Vet.

We offer our thanks to Greg for his years of service and continued dedication and caring for the patients he cares for and community he serves!