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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CAAA has predetermined billing rates that cover our operating costs. These billing rates are different for different levels of service. These levels are Basic Life Service (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS1 and ALS2).

The level of care required determines the billing rate. These rates are in line with providers in the local area and accepted by insurance companies that are billed for these services.

CAAA understands that bills associated with a medical insurance can be difficult to pay and that you may be receiving a number of bills associated with your situation. If you have questions about paying your bill, please contact our billing professionals at (215) 643-6517.

Each insurance plan is different, but within each plan, there may be co-pays and/or deductibles that you are responsible for. CAAA has no control over the details of existing insurance plans and is not permitted to bill in ways that do not adhere to a patients’ plans. Our billing professionals will be happy to review your bill to ensure the proper billing details were provided, and occasionally bills can be re-submitted and payments adjusted. If you have additional questions, please call our Billing Manager at 215-643-6517. Please have your invoice and insurance information available at the time of your call.

In compliance with HIPPA regulations, we can not discuss any medical or billing information about any patient over the age 18 without a signed and notarized release to discuss their personal information.

Quite a lot, actually! CAAA is dedicated to the health and safety of our community, and that means trying to prevent emergencies. To do this CAAA offers CPR and First Aid classes, as well as Infant and Child Car Seat Inspections. Ambulances can also be requested and reserved for community events, sporting events, etc in order to have emergency personnel on site. Fees apply for some of these services. Email cpr@amblerambulance.org for more details. We also participate in a number of community events! Feel free to come to say Hello! when you see us.

That’s an excellent question. CAAA is a nonprofit organization, meaning our primary purpose is to fulfill our mission (in our case, providing emergency medical care) rather than making a profit. Our rates reflect our operating costs – how much it costs us to provide the staff, equipment, training, etc – in order to provide our services. A number of situations – a patient without insurance, patients with Medicare or Medicaid (these insurances have fixed reimbursement rates roughly $1,000 less than our current operating costs) or a patient’s inability or unwillingness to pay – mean that our billing collects only about 50% of our needed operating costs. The remaining funds required to continue operations are raised through membership drives, fundraising events, grants and donations from our community. We are grateful to members of our community whose support makes our mission possible.

This is a common misconception. Ambulance associations are NOT a service of local municipalities. While the municipalities we serve (Ambler Borough, Lower Gwynedd Township and Upper Dublin Township) have historically supported us with voluntary donations, CAAA does not receive dedicated tax dollars, nor are the donations from municipalities mandated in any way.

Our primary coverage area is Ambler Borough, Upper Gwynedd Township, Springfield Township and portions of Upper Dublin Township. Our area is bordered by a number of other highly qualified ambulance services. Often, ambulances will provide “back up service” to other areas, if the primary service is on a call and unable to respond. The general area we serve is outlined on this map, but if you have specific questions about who provides your service, please call our office at 215-643-6517.