Community Ambulance Association of Ambler is here for you and your family


January 2016

“I never even knew the Community Ambulance Association of Ambler was there for me until I needed them.” – Wendy Fry

Wendy Fry is a resident of Ambler Borough who had never needed an ambulance and hadn’t given local ambulance service a second thought until her daughter Penny began having seizures at only 8 months old. During one particularly dangerous episode in January 2016, Penny’s life was in such danger that she was airlifted to CHOP. On this day Community Ambulance Association of Ambler (CAAA) coordinated with the Ambler Borough Police Department and Wissahickon Fire Department to treat and transport Penny.

Frightening months followed as Penny continued to have frequent seizures, and the crews at CAAA became a crucial part of Wendy and Penny’s life. Crews from CAAA became reluctant regulars in the Fry home and provided emergency transportation, IV’s and other services, but also compassion and comfort in uncertain times. As Penny required repeated services from CAAA, Wendy learned more about emergency medical services and the value of a high-quality emergency medical service.

Wendy, like many of us, thought an ambulance service was much like a fire station, that received significant financial support from a local municipality and that high-quality ambulance service was a service that existed in all communities. Through her journey, Wendy learned that ambulance associations are more likely to be independent nonprofit organizations, and that community support is needed to make up the difference in funds collected for services and the actual operating expenses. She also learned that not all communities are lucky enough to have high-quality emergency medical care. Given Penny’s medical needs, Wendy is grateful the Community Ambulance Association of Ambler is dedicated to providing highly-trained professionals and exceeds the state required minimums for equipment and supplies.

She now says she encourages everyone, but especially families with young children to become members of CAAA. “The membership is so affordable, and greatly reduces the potential costs, should ambulance services be needed. But by supporting the ambulance association, you also ensure equipment and professional staff are available to others who need the services.”

The crews at CAAA became such a part of Wendy’s life, that she now serves on the Board as the representative from Ambler Borough, and we are thrilled to hear that Penny’s seizure disorder is currently well managed and she is a happy and energetic little girl.

June 2017

An unexpected medical condition brought CAAA into Wendy and Penny’s lives, but CAAA is dedicated to serving all the Wendy’s and Penny’s in our community, whether the need is a single event or an on-going need like Penny’s was. Please support the Community Ambulance Association of Ambler by becoming a member or making a contribution today.

Your membership and generous gift ensure that professionally trained staff will have the training, support, and equipment necessary to provide emergency medical care to all the Wendy’s and Penny’s in our community who may not even know they need us yet.

Thank you for your support.