Another amazing Ambler Ambulance introduction….

Recently we introduced you to one of our amazing Paramedics, and now its time to meet another great person, Tim. Tim serves the community as an EMT, volunteer firefighter and police officer – the trifecta of serving the community! Not only that he has a Masters degree from Wilmington University. Read on to learn more about Tim.
Why did you become an EMT / Paramedic?

When I was 16 a friend of mine was a Jr member of CAAA. He invited me for a ride along and I decided to join.

When did you become an EMT/ Paramedic?

1990. Age 18

What are 2 things you wish people knew about EMT / Paramedics?

1. We aren’t just ambulance drivers.

2. Pain, trauma and death are not “exciting” like depicted on TV

What do you do when you’re not working on the ambulance?

My full-time job is as a police officer. I’m also a volunteer firefighter. When I’m not doing any of those things, I spend the time with my family.

Is there anything cool about you we should know?

I am a former Deputy Chief of CAAA. I have a bachelors degree from Purdue University in criminology and masters degree in administration of justice from Wilmington University.